Terms & Conditions

How long are the sessions? How much will it cost?

60 minute session at SGD 100 (age 21 & under) 60 minute session at SGD 125 90 minutes session at SGD185 Couples/Family: 2 people at SGD 185 for a 60 minute session, SGD 80 per additional person Sessions can be online (worldwide) or face to face in Singapore. Payment should be made before sessions and cancellations must be made 24 hrs before the session or the fee is forfeited.

Understand what counseling offers before starting sessions:

Counseling is NOT a quick fix to one's issues. It can take a few sessions before one sees any progress. A client needs to be 100% committed and be honest to the best of their ability at every session. Counselors have a strict code of ethics and clients will have to adhere to any instructions laid down at the start of the sessions. Listening carefully is a large part of what counselors do and they will always work at the client’s pace. A counselor does not give advice, tell one what to do or judge in any way. Therapy might help sum up the unique situation towards a workable plan of action. There are tools which may be introduced but it will take conscious work to feel better. Counseling may not be the approach to take if a clients symptoms are severe but advice on next steps will be given.

Understand what Confidentiality in Counseling means:

Counseling is largely based on confidentiality except if the client shows any signs of hurting themselves or others around them. A client will need to sign forms stating that they are in agreement with all the stipulations before the first session. A client can otherwise be rest assured of the utmost confidentiality in all sessions.

What one can expect at sessions:

The first session is used to get to know you and your situation better. To understand your objectives and the reason that you came for counseling. Subsequent sessions are used to devise a treatment plan and recommend the best basis to proceed going forward. Sometimes a single session may be enough depending on the issue however generally it takes a number of sessions to get to advise the best coping strategies to achieve lasting sustainable outcomes.

What is expected from all clients at all times:

The counselor client relationship is based on trust and respect therefore this must be maintained outside of sessions as well. It is up-to the counselor to take on clients she feels she can probably help. There must always be respectful behavior at the sessions whether face to face or online. The counselor can choose to stop the session if she is not comfortable with the clients behavior. Any disrespectful, inappropriate and unacceptable conduct towards the counselor will not be tolerated. The client MUST be punctual so as to get a full session as the counselor may have other appointments soon after. We understand some clients will be emotional and sensitive during sessions which is absolutely acceptable. A counselor cannot reveal any information discussed at sessions to family members unless the situation demands it. During online sessions it is important to be in a quiet room with no distractions.